Lil' Dragon Program

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This program instills more than just martial art skill.  It teaches every student to be a good citizen and prepares them for life, or at least for kindergarten.  This program includes units in safety and life skills.  Our goal for every Lil'Dragon is to help mold them into more well rounded individuals making Jackson Academy unique, by promoting the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.  If you look at this program as a triangle, SAFETY skills, LIFE skills and MARTIAL ART skills; each form equal sides.


   (developmental skill-set)

   •  Sharing

   •  Taking Turns

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Discipline

  • Speech and Language 

  • Promote Physical Strength

  • Develop a Love for Learning

  • Build Fundamental Motor Skills

  • Understand Personal Space

  • Self-Defense

  • Following Directions

  • Encourages Socialization

  • Problem Solving

  • Taking Responsibility

  • Goal Based Accountability

  • Self-Control

  • Respect for Others

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Training Center Located at 1401 S. Western Rd - Fountain Square, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

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