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Krav Maga, means "Contact Combat" in Hebrew, is the official self defense and fighting system used by the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.), Israeli Police and Security Services, and many U.S. law enforcement agencies.

All classes are led in a safe, friendly and positive environment and developed and refined during years of conflict, Krav Maga emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in real, life threatening confrontation situations.

Self defense is the foundation of Krav Maga. Students learn to defend themselves against hostile actions, to avoid injury, and to quickly overcome their assailant. Krav Maga defenses address a wide variety of aggressive acts, such as punches, kicks, chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, grabs, as well as defenses against multiple assailants and assailants armed with a firearm, edged weapon, or blunt objects.

Krav Maga is comprised of two main elements:

  • Self Defense

  • Hand-To-Hand Combat


Krav Maga incorporates specialized training methods to not only challenge students physically, but to also instill a special mental discipline meant to strengthen the spirit and to develop the ability to deal with violent confrontations under high stress. 

Krav Maga is not merely another school of martial arts based on traditional approaches. It is a modern method characterized by a coherent and logical way of thinking which builds up easy, natural, and practical techniques featuring simple movements of the human body.

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Benefits Of Jackson Academy Krav Maga

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  • Increased Focus & Concentration

  • Increased Endurance & Stamina

  • Gain Confidence & Self-Esteem

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