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Our Goal at Jackson Academy is to assist you in seeing your child reach his or her highest potential. To meet that goal our Kids TaeKwonDo curriculum is carefully planned to lead to success, to build self esteem and to keep your child excited, challenged and motivated.

Through disciplined practice, your child's Confidence and Self-esteem will grow along with their pride of accomplishment. Parents often report that after enrolling their child with Jackson Academy there is a dramatic improvement in concentration at school and improved respect and discipline at home.

At Jackson Academy Martial Arts, your child will be treated as an individual, receiving personal attention and encouragement in a clean, safe environment. Our curriculum is designed specifically to take your child step-by-step to Black Belt and is presented in fun and totally positive environment by our highly skilled and caring instructors.

TaeKwonDo is for everyone, not just the few athletically gifted individuals; you may even want to consider TaeKwonDo lessons for yourself! Sharing TaeKwonDo with your child is a wonderful experience. Entire families can benefit and enjoy this fun, healthy and very rewarding activity.

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Benefits Of Kids TaeKwonDo

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  • Increased Confidence

  • Greater Overall Health & Fitness

  • Develop Good Character & Discipline

  • Learn Bully Prevention & Self-Defense

  • Improved Goal-Setting

  • Improved Leadership & Athletic Development

Training Center Located at 1401 S. Western Rd - Fountain Square, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074