KickFit-UFC Fitness Classes

Melt Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

Jackson Academy Martial Arts KickFit Class is exactly what it sounds like, a fitness challenge with true martial art root methods of training that conditions the heart, mind and body. KickFit is a super fun, ultra high energy MMA Program performed to upbeat music and is a super complement to any of our Three Core Martial Arts Styles.

KickFit Is the Most Efficient Way To Effectively Reach Your Fitness Goals!

As you begin rapidly reaching your fitness goals you will find that you

have inadvertently developed REAL striking, kicking and self-defense

skills that will boost your confidence even more than having reached

your fitness goals and that very well could save your life one day!

KickFit is:

  • A program based on traditional disciplines, coaching science, and mixed martial arts training concepts.

  • Designed for fitness using sports specific techniques with and without equipment.

  • The top calorie-burning workout in america at an average of up to 1000 calories per hour.

  • The only fitness program endorsed by the International Martial Arts Federation (I.M.F.).

KickFit is a sport specific equipment based exercise program applying very technical Martial Art training methods during one-hour classes, utilizing bags, focus mitts and a jump rope to maximize overall conditioning while implementing a wide range combination of techniques. This very unique total-body workout will lower body fat, increase strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, maximize flexibility while enhancing coordination and balance.

The Curriculum is based on authentic martial art techniques which provide both resistance training (via body weight) and cardiovascular benefits to it's participants.

KickFit Is The Ultimate Fitness Conditioning!

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